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Tustin Ranch Realtor Client Testimonials

Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Tustin Ranch Realtor assisting with North Tustin home sales and Irvine property purchases, many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my Orange County real estate services.


We have known Brenda Baney for several years.  In the past few years she has provided real estate services in several transactions; 3 sales and 3 purchases.  All of the transactions required special attention and significant amount of time to "cover all the bases."  brenda did it with a smile and never lost sight of her customer's objective.  We would recommend Brenda on either, or both, the buy or sell side of a transation.

Ken & Trish Boudreau, Malaga, Tustin Ranch


It's not enough to have it good; you have to KNOW you have it good.

Knowing that we have it good is an understatement when it comes to our real estate agent, Brenda Baney.

Before we met Brenda, we tried to sell our house in 2010 and it turned out to be a nightmare. We know first-hand what it´s like to have an agent who isn´t a referral, knowledgeable about the market, or compelled to act in your best interest. He did not guide us on how to best stage our house, in fact he said that it didn´t matter how our house looked. Only a few pictures showed on the MLS because his advice was to make the client come out to take a look at the property. The description for our house on the MLS listing included the word "fish bowl". We had no say in what was publicly posted about our home or sat in a box out front of our house for the neighbors to grab.  We didn´t have an open house and we were advised that open houses didn´t sell homes. We did not have a choice in when clients came to see the house. We had agents contacting us and knocking on our door because our agent had displayed our phone number in the listing.  Our cat was let outside. Our baby gate was broken and we had to repair the drywall where it had been forced open by a visiting agent. We had zero privacy. Our house sat on the market for six months until we were too exhausted to continue.  We had given up on our dream of moving up to our dream home until we were referred to Brenda Baney by a mutual friend. I remember to this day how excited our friend was to give me Brenda´s information and now I know why.  It´s the same reason why I am so happy to write this letter of recommendation for Brenda-she´s your girl.

How can I even begin to describe what Brenda did for our family?  She guided us on what we needed to do to make our home attractive to a buyer and how to price it right to sell it fast and still make a profit.  She showed up with her car loaded with staging props and design concepts.  Her eye for the details made the difference in things like having the windows sparkling, music playing, AC blazing, fireplace burning, natural light pouring into every room, and scented candles making a peaceful ambience.  She was armed with a full repertoire of professionals to help us along the way . We wanted privacy and she made that happen by getting a plan for showing the house at times that we were already away from the house. She created flyers and an MLS listing that described the best attributes of our home. In all, 25+ photos were taken of our house and local amenities for the MLS. We had a say in the property description, photos posted, and in the approved of anything that became public information. In the end, she did such a great job of preparing our house to show, that it sold on the first day at an open house.  There are things that are bound to happen during an escrow that become stressful, Brenda will be there. When there was an inspection, Brenda was there. When there were repairs that needed to be done, Brenda was there. When there were referrals needed for minor contracting, Brenda was there. When we got locked out of our house, Brenda was there. Brenda was there by phone, e-mail, text, and at a moment´s notice, at every turn and every step of the way. The house closed on time and Brenda was there-with champagne!

The moral of our story is to always ask for a referral.  Our referral will always and forever be Brenda Baney-we know we had it good.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Arrieta


Deborah and  I would like to thank you for going above and beyond when we sold our home and bought our new one.  Your experience and knowledge was invaluable as were your customer service and your great accommodating and never say no, attitude. Thank you for your time and participation in the open house sittings you so willingly arranged.

Thank you for driving for miles and scoping out our perfect new home. I am thrilled with your negotiations on the price and adding to all of this you found the perfect home for Ashton our son as well.

I am thrilled that we decided to select you to fill all of our housing needs and I would highly recommend you to all I know.  It was a pleasure working with you.

Once again thank you.

Lance & Deborah Stander, Tustin Ranch


To anyone interested in an outstanding real estate agent;

When my wife & I became interested in finding a broker to assist us in our search for a home in Orange County area, local market knowledge as well as being associated with an established reputable firm were just some of the needed factors that were important to us. Brenda Baney was suggested by a friend who knew of Brenda's reputation. I wanted help in navigating through the rather complex procedures in negotiating with the seller's broker as well as the extensive paper work that is dictated by various authorities. Brenda was particularly helpful in using the convenience of email exchanges as well as patiently explaining "how to" as needed. Also, Brenda always shared her professional expertise in an easy paced manner... no pressure. She focued on understanding OUR wants and needs. Therefore, our overall experience produced a delightful result in closing escrow on a home that fulfilled very specific needs for us two opinionated clients. Consequently, I am very happy to share my enthusiastic experience with any serious folks when asked.

Gerry & Clare Hall, Tustin Ranch


To Whom It May Concern:
We wanted to thank you for all that you have done for us this year. Not only did you help us find a house, you helped us find the perfect home for our growing family. It was a long process for us and you worked tirelessly to research and find houses for us to consider. In an extremely competitive market (and six offers later), you helped us rise above the rest to get our offer accepted even though it was not the highest bid. You even seemed to make the closing process less of a hassle because you were always there for us to pick up papers or make referral recommendations. I can't thank you enough for your positive attitude, your knowledge of the area, and your can-do-approach. Thanks again for everything. I hope you know how much we appreciate everything you have done.

Best regards,

Dr. Mike & Jen Louie, New Tustin Ranch Resident


I am writing this letter to give my highest recommendation to Brenda Baney. I feel so fortunate that Brenda and her family have been my neighbors since we moved to Tustin six years ago. Brenda and her family have always been warm and giving neighbors.

Brenda is the one that helps to make our neighborhood a "neighborhood", and not just a group of homes. She is always the one to organize the Halloween parade, the Spring Egg Hunt, annual community garage sales and she even organized a neighborhood watch, when she saw a need. Brenda is a doer. If Brenda sees an opportunity or a need she steps in to make it happen. Brenda is warm, compassionate, resourceful, and always willing to go the extra mile to help others with their needs.

I know this first hand, as recently we my family and I experienced a house fire. We were immediately without a place to live. Brenda arrived at our smoke filled home with homemade banana bread in hand, and immediately stepped in to help us find a place to live. With Brenda´s real estate skills, her determination and resourcefulness; she was able to get us into a house in our neighborhood, fully furnished in less than 48 hours after our house fire. She even gave up her wedding anniversary celebration to make sure everything went smoothly for us during the move-in. Brenda´s determination and warmth were so critical during this difficult time, and truly enabled my children, my husband and I to quickly adjust to our situation and move forward.

For the reasons stated above, and for many more reasons I haven´t been able to articulate, I give Brenda the highest recommendation. I know she will bring her wonderful personality and skills to any task she puts her mind to.

Robin Steinmetz - Malaga Resident , Tustin Ranch


I just want to thank you again for your advice and counsel during the sale of my home. It was a difficult situation in a tough market and you guided me through it. Not only did you work hard with the sale, but you were there with a shoulder when I felt overwhelmed. A song comes to mind when I think of how you managed this sale3;.."Know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run!" While we got offers throughout the time the house was on the market, to accept one of the earlier offers would have been a mistake. Reading the market and the local competition allowed you to guide us that the offer we accepted was the right one. Once I signed to accept the offer, you were right there with the perfect next home for me and I am loving the new place.

Thank you again for all of your hard work and support. It is refreshing to work with a realtor with integrity, heart, and good market knowledge, you don´t always get all three!

Elizabeth - Alicante Resident, Tustin Ranch


Thank you for the masterful way you handled our recent property sale. Beginning with the suggestions you made about what was necessary to fix. Next came the considerate way you dealt with the children and how moving would affect them. I also appreciated the timely updates when we had offers. You exhibited excellent skill in determining if a buyer was worth our time. Most notable however, was the way you worked with the ultimate buyer´s agent during price negotiation. Without your help, I am convinced the agreed upon price would have been lower. You are a consummate professional.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Bret Monden


I am honored to have this opportunity to express my gratitude to Brenda Baney, a competent and professional realtor with Tarbell, Realtors located in Tustin, California.

Brenda was my first choice as a realtor to sell my property in Mission Viejo because I knew she would go "the extra mile" that it often takes to promote the property with professionalism and candor. I was also confident that all buyers would be appropriately screened, imparting her friendly personality and practicing good real estate principles. There was never any doubt in my mind that she would convey the importance of reliability, integrity, and honesty to all potential buyers, as these are practiced in her daily standards of conduct.

Even though the property was not available to place on the market until later in the year (it was an estate property), she devoted her time, energy, and resourcefulness to advertising and showing the property right away. Her diligence and dedication to selling this property made the difference in enabling a fast turn-around sale, even though the "window of opportunity" had passed.

Brenda is an exceptional individual, a person who can be trusted in any given situation. I felt comfortable to make a scheduled 4-week trip to the East coast during the time-frame of this property being on the market, and she always made it a point to keep me up-to-date with faxes and phone calls. Even with the extraordinary circumstances of an estate property, she handled all matters competently.

Additionally, I later engaged her to sell another property in this estate - a condo in the Mission Viejo area, which she brought to a final sale with the same candor and integrity as the first home.

This Letter of Appreciation is written to acknowledge the value of a realtor who promotes integrity, honesty, and competence to fellow realtors, and for those of us who appreciate and benefit by professional people like her.

Thank you Brenda Baney, for being an outstanding person in our community.


Doris Turner


I am delighted to recommend to you an outstanding Realtor, Brenda Baney. I first met Brenda when she was selling my neighbor´s home. I was so impressed with her demeanor and articulate conversation about the home and the market that I knew I wanted her to be my realtor when the time came.

In May of 2006 I hired Brenda to sell my home. As you may recall, the real estate market was just starting to cool. Against Brenda´s wise counsel I thought the home could sell at the market high. Over time, with reality setting in, I lowered the price just as the market crashed. Despite the crash Brenda tirelessly marketed my home, offered advice on inexpensive changes to enhance marketability and supported me through every rise and fall in the emotions of failing to sell the house.

When my professional obligations and health made it increasingly difficult to return to Orange County to oversee the sale Brenda stepped up to the plate, with regular updates and continued realistic encouragement. She did everything including arranging for gardening.

Ultimately, she managed the challenging renter I found and delivered a new buyer. By that time I, was upside down on the mortgage. Brenda cheerfully pursued a short sale relieving me of every imaginable stress.

To add that Brenda contributed to saving my life as my marriage ended and I spent a night in cardiac care might seem like hyperbole. But, it is nearly fact. She was of such comfort that I now count her amongst my dear friends.

I serve as Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness for a college that serves 50,000 students annually and has a budget in excess of $300 million. Brenda´s interpersonal skills and professionalism are easily as exceptional as those of my most capable colleagues. I´d hire her to sell my home, run a portion of my business, or include her in my most special social events. In short, I can´t give her a higher recommendation as a human being or as a realtor.

Kristina Kauffman


I worked with Brenda Baney on a recent transaction in Tustin Ranch and was very pleased with Brenda´s level of professionalism. Brenda was right on top of the transaction and got everything done that needed to be done in a timely manner. In addition, Brenda added her vibrant personality to the transaction and made it very enjoyable. If I was listing my own home, I would be pleased to have Brenda represent me.

Ron Accornero, President, Broker


When we first decided to buy a new house, our first thought was who we should use to help us out.  After having known Brenda Baney for 10 years, we decided to give her a try.  That proved to be an excellent choice.  She  is one of the most professional people we have ever known. She made purchasing our new home easier than we could've ever imagined.  Whatever questions we had, she was there with an answer, immediately. Whatever issues needed to be handled, she took care of them with the utmost professionalism. Her knowledge of the local real estate market is extensive and it is obvious that she truly loves what she is doing. There is no doubt that we would use Brenda Baney in the future should we ever decide to purchase another home.

Mark & Carrie Danzo, Montecito Tract in Tustin Ranch


I have worked with many of Brenda´s clients over the years and I´ve only heard good things about her from them. She is a very ethical and knowledgeable person. She not only looks out for their best interest, financially, but legally, too and that´s very important. She is extremely dedicated to her clients. She will do everything within her power and control to get you results.

Lori Dingman, Escrow Officer

This section is designed to give you some ideas of the level of service that I can provide as a Tustin Ranch Realtor. Receiving thanks from clients who have had successful real estate purchases is largely due to the fact that I always assess the needs of my real estate clients and provide them with a level of service that is second to none whether that be for a Orange house or Newport property.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

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